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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Eraser

I've been listening to Thom Yorke's new album, The Eraser, quite a bit in the last while. It's not all great, but when he gets it right it kicks ass.

Highlight of the album - Track 9 - Cymbal Rush.

You can download the album from

I'll be interested to hear Radiohead's next album. I would consider Radiohead to be the most interesting mainstream band about. It was certainly quite something to see them play a vastly electronic set at Glastonbury a few years ago and to see 70, 000 people loving it.


Jay said...

I really like eraser.I think that it does sount very vacant in places but nearly every song has a bit that makes me want to burst out into song. I really like black swan. It could have been better than kid A if he had spent more time on it I'm sure. But I think that the point of it was for it to be a quicj job. I saw Radiohead in Marley park a few months back and wasn't impressed at all. The noew songs sounded really dull. I think they have been listening to far too much coldplay!

Ebauche said...

Aye, Black swan is good. I'm very fond of 'The Clock' as well. The driving bass line sucks you in very nicely.

I dare not imagine Radiohead could ever be compared with Coldplay.. I shudder to think that.

I have found before that they take a while to get into the flow of playing new songs live.

Hearing them play 'Everything in it's right place' just after it was released was a very very different experience to hearing them play it 2 years later. It had a lot more life in it..

But then again I haven't heard anything of their new stuff. I hope I'm not disappointed.

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