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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Alphabet Set Net EP

The Alphabet Set have recently started doing a series of releases in a new format. ABCNET is a single mp3 download of a 30 minute mix by a variety of artists.

Currently they have releases from 5 different artists. These mixes are great. They aren't too long that you lose interest, and they allow the artists to not feel too constrained either.

At the same time it's a little different to a live set.

I'd be intrigued to hear what anyone thinks. I've really enjoyed all of them and am not even sure if I can suggest a favourite. They are all quite unique and quite a lot of fun. All in all I think this format is great.

Head over to the Alphabet Set and get downloading!
(to see the rest of the site just go to: )

A bit about the Alphabet Set

The alphabet set are a loose collective formed in summer 2002. They have organised & collaborated in a variety of sessions involving local & international electronic musicians. Guests at the alphabet set have included dj/rupture, kid 606, random number, v/vm, soundmurderer, biosphere, multiplex, printed circuit & reels of home talent like destrvkt, 2-BiT, t-woc, ebauche, spectac, sarsparilla, psy, herv, thalamus, halo darkly, maschine, somadrone & love rhino among many others.

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