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Monday, October 23, 2006

Bedroom Research - Free downloads

As I write this I am listening to the most recent Bedroom Research Compilation (V3) - something I would consider a good place to start if you've never listened to any of the myriad of Bedroom Research artists before.

A Weird and Wacky World

These guys are wonderful. First up, all the music on their site is licensed under creative commons - so you're free to download to your hearts content and pass it around as much as you like. Secondly, they are really really good.

From wildly chaotic circus music that's been fed through a disturbed mind and a distortion pedal, to mentalist breakcore played whilst killing a squeaky toy, to funky fat surreal electro.. they have it all.

The best thing is that at all times the production is incredibly solid and crystal clear.

Not for the faint hearted

Deework is the most prolific as far as I can tell and has 5 releases on the label. One of my favourites is the 2003 release "Darker than me", which is a fantastic 14 minute EP that squelches from track to track with erratic thumping kick drums and incredibly wet electronic glitches. It's kind of hard to describe... check it out.

Deework also has a nice website which you can check out here:

The Show Must Go On

Tep is another artist that I've downloaded specifically. Wonderfully bizarre - I mentioned chaotic circus music before, well this is the specialist here. Bouncy and quirky with never a moment for you to get bored. It might be something that Tom Waits would do if he was heavily into breakcore.

Complete Package

Finally I feel I need to mention the wonderful artwork that accompanies their releases. I'm not entirely sure who's responsible, but across the board it continues to impress. Unfortunately they are sold out of t-shirts at the moment - but I think I'd certainly pick one up if they were available.


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