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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fairlights - Scraps

Driving to Dublin last night I was once again listening to Fairlight's last album "Scraps" and I thought, I really should throw this one out there as well.

Scraps is the debut album from Fairlights (Enda Bates) and was released last year by the Alphabet Set. The album is full of waves and waves of granulated, distorted and reverbed guitar, loops, Enda's own vocals and crafted samples.

The album kicks off with "Need" which sits as very good introduction to what is coming. Quickly building up those layers of granulated distortion, the guitars overtake the vocals and everything falls out to a long reverberated, delayed ending.

Following this "You're still in my head" and "There's nothing you can do" strike me as the catchiest tunes on the album, and I can easily imagine these tracks appealing to the most pop-addled minds. "There's nothing you can do" reminds me somewhat of the style of The Notwist, with drum machine style loops backing the catchy guitar driven melodics.

The other two highlights of the album for me are "Scattered" and the end track "Blissfully sinking beneath the waves". "Scattered" has no vocals, but is backed instead by a distant cry, that builds and harmonises excellently with those grainy guitars. "Blissfully sinking.." is an ambient exploration which I find hard to describe. The effect is gorgeous, with string like sounds layering on top of each other and moving left to right to left, all backed by pedalled washes of guitar chords.

The whole album develops extremely nicely and the only trouble is that at the end of 35 minutes you are left wanting more. I'm very much looking forward to his next release.

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