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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Firefox 2 is out

Well this isn't a musical reference, but Firefox 2 has just been given it's final release and is now available on Mozilla's main site. I recommend this highly and suggest that if you are a Firefox user, you should upgrade. If you're and Internet Explorer user, then you should switch over. It really is a better browsing experience all over.

What's New

There are a number of small and helpful improvements to the general user experience in the new version.

Tabbed Improvements

Tabs now have an "undo close tab" function - which is something I've wanted on many occasions.

It is easier to move tabs about the place (keyboard shortcuts!)

Tabs now have a minimum size, so that you can always read the tab title. If there are too many tabs to fit in the width of the browser, you get a scroll function to move left and right - there is also a drop down list of all your tabs.

Inline Spell Checking

This is great, I have become accustomed to this instantly and it is useful for posting to the blog, multiple forums, or submitting a query on a contact form. Nice to know you are spelling things right.

Better RSS Management

Hitting the RSS link on a page brings you to a more detailed screen displaying information and options on how you would like to subscribe to the feed - you can specify a default action as well.

Session Restore

Available for a while through a variety of extensions, this is nice to have by default and is very effective.

Improved Security

Anti Phishing tools that explain things in plain english.

Better Browser Management

Themes and Extensions management is improved. Managing your search engine list is better.

Suggested Search

A simple but useful feature that picks up google's auto suggest when typing a search into the search box.


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