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Monday, October 09, 2006

Lost Chocolate Lab

Here's one that allows you a little bit of free exploration. Generally leaning towards the ambient side of things, Lost Chocolate Lab have a whole collection of free releases that you can download from their site.

I haven't by any means explored everything they have on offer, but I've thoroughly enjoyed The Butterfly's View and Beautiful Flute.

These two releases are slow builders, with The Butterfly's View building layers of distorted instruments on top of looping synths and simple drum loops.

The first two tracks on The Butterfly's View are sweet and easy to listen to. The title track branches out into heavy distortion and noise. It's a bit of a shock and somewhat intense and you certainly wouldn't want to have it queued up on a playlist that lets you drift to sleep before being rudely awoken. This release finishes with a simple short piece with flutes and gentle percussion.

Beautiful Flute is a series of explorations of looping flute samples, slowly building and falling away. This is one to put on when going to sleep for certain. Soft, melodic and hypnotic.


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