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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mimaroglu Music Sales

A seemingly strange title for an online music store, but it has it's reasons which I'll explain later on.

Mimaroglu Music Sales is the intriguing baby of an equally wonderfully named gentleman, Keith Fullerton-Whitman.

Keith runs the store entirely out of his bedroom in a co-op house in Somerville, Massachusetts in the States. The music he sells is mostly hand-picked from items that he considers of interest. His catalogue deals with quite a wide range of rare and unusual items. In his store you'll find extremely early examples of electronic and electro-acoustic music, musique concrete, circuit bending, drone music, field recordings and much much more.

I recently purchased a few titles from the store including:
a fantastic album by Richard Devine called Cautella;
a surreal album by Robert Ashley called String Quartet Describing the Motions of Large Real Bodies;
and an excellent ambient minimal compilation from 12k records called E.A.D.G.B.E..
I found the shipping prices from the U.S. to Ireland to be entirely reasonable and the order arrived in good time.

A perfect place to start if you are in any way interested is his featured music section, where you can happily browse through some titles that have especially taken his interest. Audio samples are provided and detailed information about the recordings.

Who is Keith Fullerton-Whitman?

Also known as Hrvatski (which is how I first encountered him), Keith is an excellent music producer in his own right. Under the name Hrvatski he released some excellently chaotic and intriguing electronic music. Under his own name he has created some astoundingly beautiful soundscape/ambient work (“Playthroughs” is particularly nice). He is an extremely nice guy too and I've had the pleasure of playing support for him last year, as well as bringing him over to play a concert in Dublin 3 years ago. He likes a good breakfast.

Why Mimaroglu?

Ilhan Mimaroglu was an early pioneer of electronic music, as well as a producer on albums of some jazz greats such as Charles Mingus and Freddie Hubbard. Keith has some respect for him.

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