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Monday, October 02, 2006

See Mi Yah

A little while ago I came across this wonderful album on the Burial Mix label. The album is based on a single rhythm and different vocalists play over this rhythm. This may not sound like the most enlightening experience, but the variation is sublime and the result:

It's beautiful.

An album that from start to finish sounds like one track but it never sounds dull or repetitive. Instead it carries you along in a slightly dream like state, and when it ends, 46 minutes later, you are left wanting more, and also left with an impossible task of what to play after it.

Following it is no easy task, I don't think I have a single album that can match the mood this one sets.

Highly recommended!

You can purchase it from hard wax in Germany (you can also download mp3 samples from here):

Or if you prefer something like Amazon, you can get it here:
Amazon - Rhythm and Sound

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