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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Soma FM Online Radio

I spent the day yesterday listening to Soma FM, something I haven't done in a long time. Why? Similar to why I sometimes use Pandora, I just didn't know what I wanted to listen to.

Soma FM is a free online radio station with a variety of different channels - 11 in total. All of these channels are available at 128kbps mp3 streams, which is decent enough such that sound quality won't be too poor. Streams are also available at lower bitrates and a variety of formats (wma and aac). I've always used the mp3 playlist (.pls) format.

There are no adverts, no DJ's waffling, just pure music. Sometimes the track selection seems a little random (possibly due to it being entirely random?).

Stations Available

  • Doomed

  • Space Station Soma

  • Groove Salad

  • Secret Agent

  • Illinois Street Lounge

  • indie pop rocks

  • Beat Blender

  • cliqhop idm

  • Drone Zone

  • Boot Liquor

  • Tag's Trance Trip

Cliqhop IDM

This would be my most listened station of the lot, playing favourites of mine like Autechre, Bola, Thomas Fehlmann, Detroit Escalator Co., Aphex Twin, as well as frequently throwing in tunes I've never heard of. Unlike Pandora there is no way to skip tracks that you don't like, but such is the way of it.

About Soma

Soma FM broadcasts from a basement in San Francisco. Rusty Hodge launched Soma in February 2000. They've been slowly adding channels to the station (starting with Drop Zone). Around 2002 the DMCA CARP ruling came down and forced SomaFM to either pay $500 a day in royalties to the record companies or go off the air. Soma stopped broadcasting and started campaigning.

In November 2002 congress passed the Small Webcasters Amendment Act. This allowed Soma to go back on air with a requirement to pay $2000-5000 a year, plus $6000 in back fees. On November 19th, 2002, Soma returned to the air.

Soma is entirely reliant on donations from listeners to stay afloat, which allows them to avoid any hint of commercialism.

For more info about them check their detailed about page (from which this is paraphrased!)


steve said...

has melodymasher been kicked off blogspot?

Ebauche said...

I have no idea.. looks like he's gone for sure.. could he have cancelled it?

I can't imagine it would have been blocked for any reason.. not like he was doing anything dodgy..

I'll drop him a mail and see what's going on.

steve said...

i was kinda jokin about the kicked off bit..

Ebauche said...

Ah right.
Well I have heard of some difficulties that blogspot have been having, but I assume they have been sorted out at this stage.

Here's a post about it:

But I certainly haven't heard back from him at all.. so I don't know what's going on there.

steve said...

nah he deleted it himself. he told me.

Ebauche said...

Ah right.. that's a shame. I was enjoying keeping up with what was going on.. Is he busy in college or what?

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