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Saturday, November 25, 2006

The Incomparable Falco and the Amazing Jeanny

This is one of my all-time favourite music videos. I think everyone should see it. An absolute classic of dramatic proportions.

Falco, better known for "Rock Me Amadeus", produced quite a large amount of music in his short time on this earth. Some of it is better left under the carpet, but other songs, such as this one, the amazing "Jeanny" and other classics like "Der Kommissar" are incredibly unique and absolutely hilarious. I'm not sure I've ever fully understood the lyrics (most of them are in German), and I've put them into an online translator but I don't think it quite got it right. However, even if you don't understand what he is saying, the tune, his passionate outbursts (especially around the 3 minute mark) and the surreal ending easily make up for not knowing what is going on.

This has come up since I had a skype chat with a friend of mine and it transpired that he had never seen Jeanny, and didn't know who Falco was. I think I said to him, "Warren, you haven't truly lived yet".

Enjoy, and for those of you who are seeing this for the first time, I envy you. Falco gives every ounce of his being in this performance. Turn up your speakers and let it wash over you.

Watch Falco - Jeanny

Friday, November 24, 2006

Legal downloads galore - Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher

If you are comfortable with Bit Torrent (my preferred client is Burst) then you should check out the Xltronic Torrent Download page.

There is a nice collection of live sets and xltronic radio shows, with a good variety of artists performing on them. Some of the live sets are bootlegs, but I haven't had a chance to work through them all yet. I'll post up any highly recommended ones when I come across them.


BitTorrent is a fast way to download large files. Rather than downloading from one location, you download from all the other people who are sharing the file, or even in the middle of downloading it themselves. Therefore, if there are hundreds of people sharing and downloading the file, you will download a small "bit" from each person and you can take advantage of very high download speeds.

Bit Torrent Links

Burst -
Bit Torrent originators -
uTorrent -

Thursday, November 23, 2006

VLR - he gives us some computer love

Some quality mixes available from VLR.

  • Aphex Twin,
  • Autechre,
  • Warp artists,
  • Squarepusher

VLR? Who the hell is that?

I came across VLR through the xltronic site (a site dedicated to Aphex Twin).

This post is lame

Well, it is and it isn't. There is good enjoyable music to be had free of charge here. Other than that, yes it is lame.
It's 1.30am; sleep has been in short supply the last while; work is wrecking my head.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Debauched Radio

powered by ODEO

Well, here it is. I have decided to test out Odeo as a vehicle for "Debauched Radio", where I will be playing a variety of new, old, tried and tested, experimental and plain good music.

I hope you like it. Hopefully it is something I will stick at and get better and better at as I go along.. who knows I may even start speaking on it?!


  1. Kettel - A french composer
  2. Richie Wharburton - 00
  3. Gaudi & Testa - Dawn's Cliffs
  4. Keith Fullerton-Whitman - Lettera
  5. Third Eye Foundation - La Dispute
  6. Aphex Twin - Tree
  7. FFWD - Hidden
  8. John Foxx - Through Summer Rooms

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Autechre - 15 minute mix - Free download

Please note this post has moved and the download link below no longer works.

You can visit the new location by visiting:

A special posting tonight. I've uploaded a recording I came across of Autechre's 15 Minute Mix for Radio 3 Mixing It. This recording was made on 30th March 2003.

It features one of the most densely enjoyable mix sets I've heard, with a huge variety of tunes layered on top of each other. I can pick out snippets of things that I recognise, but for the most part I haven't a notion where one track ends and another begins.

Fast paced

Another thing about this mix is just how much energy it has. It's bouncy and quick and funny.

According to the radio commentary at the end, there are 30 tracks included in the mix, but unfortunately I don't seem to be able to find a track listing.

Highly recommended! Download here from this link

Jazz Conspiracy

Just a quick post as I'm totally jacked and need to get some sleep.

I spent a very pleasant couple of hours listening to Jazz Conspiracy this evening. They play through quite a few recognisable jazz standards, and some quality tracks such as "Straight No Chaser" by Thelonius Monk.

They play well, and though I wouldn't say they are the most challenging in jazz terms, they certainly are an enjoyable listen.

Based in Chicago, this quintet have made available a large number of recordings on their website for free download.



Jazz Conspiracy music download page:

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mickey Eats Plastic

Came across "People Eating Tasty People" by Mickey Eats Plastic a couple of days ago and have been listening to it fairly consistently since I got it. It's a free download (or you can buy it for €5 inc. shipping). They have kindly provided a zip of the whole album and all the tracks are encoded at around 192kbps VBR.

Released under a Creative Commons license and running in at 55 minutes over 10 tracks, People Eating Tasty People is an extremely well produced electronic album with lots of natural organic sounds weaved through it. I've found it very pleasant for late night listening whilst I'm working and keep discovering lots of splendid flourishes and detail blended into it.

The album as a whole is varied and each track develops well - it never seems to fall into a repetitive rutt.

Stand Out tracks

01. A Transitorily Abstract Piece of Music - very nice intro to the whole thing. Lots of layers and builds very pleasantly.

04. Failed Breakfast, Chinese Tea - I'm a sucker for cello's and this track uses them simply at first but builds up good harmonies. There are hints of something like Do Make Say Think or Tortoise or something, but I can't quite place it.

05. Exactly as my identity... - Another good builder with an organic feeling blended well into the electronic melee that jumps around the place on this one. Some instrumental chopping here that makes me think of the Matmos album, "A civil war".

Minor side thought

Occasionally there are moments where you can hear a little bit of what sounds like Max/MSP digitisation creeping in, although this might have been intended, it does remind me of a couple of other artists that I know to use Max/MSP which is why I suspect that. I wouldn't take this as a complaint though, just an observation ;)

Who are these guys?

Mickey Eats Plastic is composed of 2 people - lucz and bluermutt - and they live in Rome making music with a variety of instruments and a computer.


Album Download

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gescom/Autechre "MiniDisc" Re-release

I'm intrigued by this one as I've never heard it and am definitely thinking of ordering it.

Warp Records re-release

I believe the original concept of this album was that you should play it on shuffle (this was assisted by minidiscs being able to play without gaps when playing on shuffle).

If I get round to picking up a copy I'll let you know what I think.. if anyone else knows it I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Brainwashed Radio

Today I'm recommending another on-line radio station for those times you can't decide on what to listen to. Brainwashed Radio is run by and is a free on-line radio feed that runs in programs such as Winamp and iTunes.

It plays quite a variety of music and you may well find something in there that you really like. I've been listening to it for the last while and they've played Keith Fullerton-Whitman, Kid606, Doormouse, Coil, A Silver Mt. Zion, and Knifehandchop to name but a few. All of the artists played, or their associated labels, are hosted on which has quite the name-roll, including luminaries such as Godspeed, Hrvatski, Matmos, Tortoise, Luke Vibert, Kranky Records, Tigerbeat 6, and VVM!

On top of a radio stream, Brainwashed offer a weekly hour long podcast featuring the same crowd of hosted artists - as well as video podcasts for those that like their music videos.

About Brainwashed

Brainwashed have been around for the last 10 years and have gone from giving small artists a place to have their web-presence hosted to running a record label, offering daily news updates and even running a festival.


Brainwashed Main site
Brainwashed Radio playlist
Brainwashed RSS Feed

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Locsil - Stases - Free download

I came across this beautiful ambient album yesterday and recommend you download it and have a listen. You can choose to download single tracks, or the entire album in a zip file (which includes all the album artwork)

The album is by an artist called Locsil, who generally releases on Kranky, but for this, his most recent release he has plumbed for One (yet another netlabel) who have been releasing free mp3 albums under a Creative Commons license for about 3 years.

Stases is a 12 track ambient exploration that lasts for 72 minutes and carries you away on layers of gentle washes, deep drones and distant synths. Very relaxing and highly enjoyable. I recommend putting on a good pair of headphones and lying back in bed and closing your eyes.

Some Highlights

Nautical2 pulses and breathes, long gong sounds with gentle attack curves are layered with beautiful deep drones and eerie distant high pitched squalls, although these high pitched sounds never irritate the ears.

Biced is really beautiful, and has quite a bit more going on than some of the other tracks here. Although these goings-on are still a moment captured and very incrementally developed.

Micro Hydro feels like it is dragging you up into the sky, constantly drawing you further and further into it, all the time underpinned by a steady drone loop.

Windless is the most extreme of the static drones on the album, with an extremely slow development from low growling drone to a large expansive chord which slowly falls back to its origin.



Loscil's Website -
One (yet another netlabel) -
Loscil's Discogs page -
Kranky -

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