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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Debauched Radio

powered by ODEO

Well, here it is. I have decided to test out Odeo as a vehicle for "Debauched Radio", where I will be playing a variety of new, old, tried and tested, experimental and plain good music.

I hope you like it. Hopefully it is something I will stick at and get better and better at as I go along.. who knows I may even start speaking on it?!


  1. Kettel - A french composer
  2. Richie Wharburton - 00
  3. Gaudi & Testa - Dawn's Cliffs
  4. Keith Fullerton-Whitman - Lettera
  5. Third Eye Foundation - La Dispute
  6. Aphex Twin - Tree
  7. FFWD - Hidden
  8. John Foxx - Through Summer Rooms

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