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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Locsil - Stases - Free download

I came across this beautiful ambient album yesterday and recommend you download it and have a listen. You can choose to download single tracks, or the entire album in a zip file (which includes all the album artwork)

The album is by an artist called Locsil, who generally releases on Kranky, but for this, his most recent release he has plumbed for One (yet another netlabel) who have been releasing free mp3 albums under a Creative Commons license for about 3 years.

Stases is a 12 track ambient exploration that lasts for 72 minutes and carries you away on layers of gentle washes, deep drones and distant synths. Very relaxing and highly enjoyable. I recommend putting on a good pair of headphones and lying back in bed and closing your eyes.

Some Highlights

Nautical2 pulses and breathes, long gong sounds with gentle attack curves are layered with beautiful deep drones and eerie distant high pitched squalls, although these high pitched sounds never irritate the ears.

Biced is really beautiful, and has quite a bit more going on than some of the other tracks here. Although these goings-on are still a moment captured and very incrementally developed.

Micro Hydro feels like it is dragging you up into the sky, constantly drawing you further and further into it, all the time underpinned by a steady drone loop.

Windless is the most extreme of the static drones on the album, with an extremely slow development from low growling drone to a large expansive chord which slowly falls back to its origin.



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