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Friday, November 10, 2006

Mickey Eats Plastic

Came across "People Eating Tasty People" by Mickey Eats Plastic a couple of days ago and have been listening to it fairly consistently since I got it. It's a free download (or you can buy it for €5 inc. shipping). They have kindly provided a zip of the whole album and all the tracks are encoded at around 192kbps VBR.

Released under a Creative Commons license and running in at 55 minutes over 10 tracks, People Eating Tasty People is an extremely well produced electronic album with lots of natural organic sounds weaved through it. I've found it very pleasant for late night listening whilst I'm working and keep discovering lots of splendid flourishes and detail blended into it.

The album as a whole is varied and each track develops well - it never seems to fall into a repetitive rutt.

Stand Out tracks

01. A Transitorily Abstract Piece of Music - very nice intro to the whole thing. Lots of layers and builds very pleasantly.

04. Failed Breakfast, Chinese Tea - I'm a sucker for cello's and this track uses them simply at first but builds up good harmonies. There are hints of something like Do Make Say Think or Tortoise or something, but I can't quite place it.

05. Exactly as my identity... - Another good builder with an organic feeling blended well into the electronic melee that jumps around the place on this one. Some instrumental chopping here that makes me think of the Matmos album, "A civil war".

Minor side thought

Occasionally there are moments where you can hear a little bit of what sounds like Max/MSP digitisation creeping in, although this might have been intended, it does remind me of a couple of other artists that I know to use Max/MSP which is why I suspect that. I wouldn't take this as a complaint though, just an observation ;)

Who are these guys?

Mickey Eats Plastic is composed of 2 people - lucz and bluermutt - and they live in Rome making music with a variety of instruments and a computer.


Album Download

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